I am interest in software engenring

It has been my dream to be a code writer since i was a little kid

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Start from the beginning always. Recognize that the best version of yourself should be your vision, not anybody else’s. Celebrate the small wins.It only takes one smile to hide a million of tears.

Flow always your deram

I lived in Denmark since 2001 and i flowed my dream and fineshed my study in software engineering in 2008

What else?

I do like to take photos, thats why i travel a lot and take som pictures

Always be aware of this

You can be any one you want. You have to blive it and make yourself strong

  • If you have computer trouble

    Ask med about it. Sometimes i have answers right away, other times i will find one for you. But you will get your answer always.

  • Coding

    I'll be happy to see what you have and how i can help you about it.

  • Music

    Love all kind of music, but prefer Persian music.

  • Help eachother

    Never forget to help other people, be always the kind one who make this world better place to live.

  • I am form...

    Iran, but lived in Denmark since 2001. Love both contries equally.